Services Provided

CVE always strives to meet and exceed all of our clients' needs. We specialize in Consumer Electronics, performing services that include Receiving, Repair, Inventory Management and Shipping Operations. Depending on our client's needs, CVE can extend our service to Asset Recovery and Parts Reclamation.

Reverse Logistic & Inventory Management

inventoryCVE provides a wide range of service when it comes to Reverse Logistics & Inventory Management. Using CVE's ERP System, we can service the entire logistics for our clients which includes Arrangement, Tracking, Receiving and Shipping. At any point of time, our clients are able to monitor each unit's status whether it may be online, e-mail, or phone. Our Clients can have peace of mind thanks to our 100% accurate Inventory Management system, which enables our clients to monitor their inventory on a real-time basis. CVE also can accommodate and develop various types of shipping orders including E-Business and Off-Line.

Refurbishment & Remanufacture

refurbishmentCVE repair every unit as if it were our own asset to ensure that our clients maximize from their returns. We offer the Lowest Cost available, and provide various level of repair, from "Plug & Play" to "Like Brand New" depending on our client's request.

Asset Recovery and Reclamation

assetrecoveryOur expertise is to maximize highest recovery for our clients, which requires experience in managing the AS-IS product into a sellable condition product that consumer will appreciate. Optimizing the value from its original AS-IS returned goods to a product that consumer will not only appreciate but alsoto maximize the sales price. Meanwhile, when our clients designate assets for the Recycling Process, CVE dismantles each unit and recover any usable parts. We ensure that nothing that is still usable goes back to the environment. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously – and on a global level. Our asset Recovery/recycling program allows Clients to find substantial savings on their assets.

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