Key Value

CVE knows that our client's Service and Returns are a cost center. We understand the business when involving our client's service to their customer. That is the reason why we offer the most competitive cost. With the different set of price range, CVE can provide the most cost saving solutions to our clients. Here are a few list on the areas where our clients experienced dramatic savings.

Fast Turn-Around

In the Electronics world, the fast-changing electronics drive the price to go down in a quick period. By providing a Fast TAT, our clients recover their returns when the units are at higher prices. CVE have continuously met our Client's TAT demands.

Quality Guarantee

Once Returned, our clients immediately incurs cost. However, through CVE's quality of refurbishment, CVE warrants that our clients will not incur additional cost. With our own warranty plan and our own customer care center, our client's can trust us with their products without having additional cost.

Cost Saving Repair Solution

CVE can provide various ways to save money when it comes down to repair. From parts reclamation to cosmetic refurbishment, CVE can provide a competitive price/unit by utilizing our parts procurement resources and our Parts reclamation process. Utilizing our State-of-the-Art Equipments CVE will offer you the best price.

Overall Inventory Monitoring Service

CVE's goal is to be part of our client's organization. We share our facility with our client's employees. CVE offers our client's to visit our facility any time without notice since our clients trust us with their Inventory. We know that our client's time is important and therefore, we also provide instant access to our real time Inventory that allows our clients to monitor their inventory wherever they need to.

Feedback to your R&D

To manufactures, CVE takes pride on giving feedback to our clients. Whether it may be customer's preference or an epidemic defect on the electronics, CVE provides feedback on all of the symptoms to our clients. CVE's goal is to become a partner with your Research and Development team.

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